Organization of the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries

Director of the Institute:

Živana Ninčević Gladan, PhD

President of the Scientific Council:

Sanja Matić Skoko, PhD

research work at the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
is conducted in eight different laboratories:

Laboratory of physical oceanography
Head: Branka Grbec, PhD

Laboratory of chemical oceanography and sedimentology of the sea
Head: Grozdan Kušpilić, PhD

Laboratory of plankton
Head: Živana Ninčević Gladan, PhD

Laboratory of marine microbiology
Head: Mladen Šolić, PhD

Laboratory for benthos
Head: Ante Žuljević, PhD

Laboratory of ichtyology and coastal fishery
Head: Jakov Dulčić, PhD

Laboratory of fisheries science and management of pelagic and demersal resources
Head:  Nedo Vrgoč, PhD

Laboratory for aquaculture
Head: Leon Grubišić, PhD

within the Institute there are:

Library and publishing

IT department – data center

Tehnical support – m/b Bios Dva

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