Inter-University Postgraduate Studies of Applied Marine Sciences

Adriatic Sea is of the inestimable economic importance for Croatia, but also no less important for its historical, social and cultural heritage. Connection with the sea continuously improves the quality of our lives and our identity. Sea area over which the Republic of Croatia achieved full sovereignty (territorial sea) and sovereign rights (exclusive economic zone) is approximately equal to its land area. A substantial share of material goods comes from maritime activities and services related to the sea, however, resources are much larger than the present use thereof. Specifically, there are many priorities and possibilities of using the marine environment, its living and non-living resources, especially its unexplored and unused resources, both renewable and non-renewable.

To use the undoubted potential of resources of the sea and seabed and its living wealth in a reasonable and long-term sustainable way, it is necessary to know the environment, its subsea, particularly the functioning of marine ecosystems. Only science can initiate the development and provide practical application of that knowledge in social sciences and in the natural and biotechnical marine sciences, in order to use newer and better solutions for commercial purposes. For this purpose, highly educated professionals are needed for, in close contact with European and world science, seeking the best solutions for research and rational use of marine resources, providing a reasonable management of marine resources, directing regional development through comprehensive planning and coordination of interests and needs of different users (tourism, transport, aquaculture, fishing, etc.).

Some of these activities are not in harmony with one another and can be harmful to one another. Therefore, the development of a country needs experts who will exploit the sea in a sustainable manner for the benefit of its population and marine ecosystems. This task can be achieved through systematic education with the following basic objectives: (1) acquiring basic knowledge of social sciences of the sea so the legislation could be properly created and applied, (2) becoming able to predict changes in marine ecosystems in response to various influences , (3) controlled and sustainably exploiting marine resources, and (4) developing biotechnological processes for exploiting the potential of renewable marine resources.

Postgraduate university studies of Applied Marine Sciences is in its content markedly multidisciplinary, because on the bases of knowledge of the natural sciences, especially biological, chemical and physical oceanography, knowledge of specific areas is acquired, necessary for the design of proper (or sustainable) management and protection of the Adriatic Sea.

The Study is organized on the level of the latest scientific knowledge and skills based on them, in cooperation with scientific institutions involved in research of the sea, them being the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Split and the Institute for Marine and Coastal Research of the University of Dubrovnik, which provides great opportunities for practical training of such personnel. And research programs of the before mentioned institutions enable student involvement in the areas of scientific work that are precisely the basics for the applied marine sciences.

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