Graduate Program

Graduate study of Marine Biology and Ecology is in its content markedly multidisciplinary. In this study, on the bases of knowledge of the natural sciences, knowledge of specific areas related to issues of biology, ecology and protection of the sea is acquired. Interaction of the content of study classes with modern scientific knowledge, which are already established in the undergraduate level, during graduate study become more powerful and thus represent the logical continuation on a higher level of education. The program is structured in a way of providing a large number of specialized elective courses that account for 30% of the total number of ECTS points, which gives students the ability to create their program themselves and to guide it in accordance with their interests and needs.

Duration of study: Classes of graduate study of Marine Biology and Ecology last two years or 4 semesters, and by it at least 120 ECTS points are acquired.

Academic title: Upon completion of graduate study a title of a Master (Magister) of Marine Biology and Ecology is acquired.

Competences acquired upon completion of study: A Master of Marine Biology and Ecology, in addition to the jobs that can be performed by a Bachelor/Bachelorette of Marine Biology and Ecology, is enabled to continue education at postgraduate expert and university studies, and to start addressing science-teaching and scientific research work at universities and research institutions. He is also capable of creating his own actions and programs related to environmental issues from city to state level, as well as working in companies in the field of management and environmental protection, with special emphasis on the protection of the marine environment.

Study program (program by years, list of classes, performance plans, etc.)

Informations for future students (enrollment criteria and procedures, etc.)

Head of Study:
Dr. sc. Mladen Šolić, redoviti profesor,
Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo, Split, Šetalište I. Meštrovića 63.
tel: 385 21 408 006
fax: 385 21 358 650

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