Graduate Program

Graduate Study of Marine Fisheries provides expert and scientific deepening of knowledge acquired through undergraduate studies and thus represents the logical continuation of studying on a higher level of education. The program is multidisciplinary, in which on the basis of knowledge of natural and biotechnical sciences, knowledge of specific areas related to the issues of fisheries, aquaculture, management of living marine resources and the use of fisheries products is acquired. The program is designed to offer a number of specialized elective courses that account for about 36% of the total number of ECTS points, which allows the students to, through elective subjects, choose a content suited to their interest and needs, and so choose the direction of their study.

Duration of study: Classes of graduate study of Sea Fisheries last two years or 4 semesters, and by it at least 120 ECTS points are acquired.

Academic title: Upon completion of graduate study a title of a Master/Engineer (Magister) of Sea Fisheries is acquired.

Competences acquired upon completion of study: Master / engineer of Sea Fisheries, in addition to the jobs they can perform as Bachelor of fisheries, is qualified to continue their education at the postgraduate university specialist and doctoral studies and to start conducting scientific and scientific-educational work in scientific institutions and universities engaged in research activities of fisheries and their living wealth and education of personnel, as well as work on more complex and demanding tasks in the field of fisheries and other marine fishing activities, including the problem of fishing, farming, processing and trade of fish and other marine organisms, their preservation from decay, management and protection of living marine resources and the use of fisheries products.

Study program (program by years, list of classes, performance plans, etc.)

Informations for future students (enrollment criteria and procedures, etc.)


Head of Study:

Dr. sc. Ivan Jardas, redoviti profesor,
Sveučilište u Splitu, Sveučilišni studijski centar za studije mora, Split, Livanjska 5/III.
tel: 385 21 558 253
fax: 385 21 558 257

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