PELMON Project

Pelagic monitoring – acoustic assessment of distribution and abundance of small pelagic fish with monitoring of pelagic ecosystem in the Adriatic Sea


The basic aim of the PELMON Project is to obtain important biological information about pelagic ecosystem with an emphasis on commercially important species of small pelagic fish in the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea. Data are collected through annual acoustic surveys, combined with collection of abiotic and biotic environmental data within pelagic ecosystem. The most important information that should be obtained are spatial distributions, abundance estimations and populations structures of anchovy, sardine and sprat. Beside the knowledge about socio-economic circumstances, these information present the base for future long-term sustainable exploitation of this part of the Croatian renewable living resources in accordance with ecosystem based management in pelagic fishery.


Responsible scientist: Vjekoslav Tičina Ph.D., fishery biologist

Financed by Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development


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