Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (IOF) is a part of SEADATANET Virtual Ocean Data Centre. IOF is also developing protocols for data collection and transmission from ships, buoys and land stations to data centre in real-time and near real-time. Data centre develops various web pages for online data access and also software for data visualisations, web publishing and real-time quality control. IOF participates in many national and international projects, such as: Croatian national monitoring project “Jadran”, membership in International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange system (IODE), and Information System for the Promotion of Aquaculture in the Mediterranean (SIPAM).

The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries is a scientific institution established for the investigation of the sea. The scientific activity conducted encompasses virtually all aspects concerned with sea exploration: physical, chemical, geological, biological and fisheries. In it’s seventy years existence, the scientists at the Institute have published over 1700 scientific and professional papers in both domestic and foreign publications.

IOF data products:

  • Oceanographic referral database
    Referral database containing extended cruise summary reports information, including information about institutions, ships, instrumentations, scientists and projects.
  • Automatic Measurement Oceanographic System
    Data collection and transmission from buoys and land stations, and real-time web publishing with real-time quality control and data visualisations.
  • Trawl survey photo documentation
    Geo referenced photo documentations of trawl surveys.
  • Hydrodinamical sea model results visualisation
    Models are driven with real-time data from buoys and stations. Visualisation of model results and web publishing are automatic and also real-time.
  • IOF library journal catalog
  • IOF library books and scientific papers catalog





SeaDataNet – 026212 is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative of the EU Sixth Framework Programme
Coordination: IFREMER (Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer), BP 70, 29280 Plouzané, France

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