100 events organized by the project partners to promote knowledge about the Adriatic Sea, raise awareness of environmental issues and spread the cultural values of the sea. The Adriatic Seaside Festival is part of the “European Marittime Day in my country 2022” and is realized by the project CASCADE within the program INTERREG CBC Italy […]

  • ITACA project workshop

    The Agency for Rural Development of Istria and the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Split, as partners in the Interreg Italy – Croatia project ITACA, held a joint workshop in Pula on Thursday, March 31, for purse seine fishermen who operating with purse seine “Srdelara”. Istrian fishermen participated live while Dalmatians were online. Dr. sc. […]

  • Project ARIEL PLUS

    The ARIEL project led to significant milestones towards innovation speed-up and uptake in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture sectors, outlining trajectories of development for future cooperation initiatives. However, a further step is needed to consolidate and widen ARIEL results, and operationalize the ARIEL tools. In this content, ARIEL PLUS main objective is to maximize the transferability […]

  • An Analysis of Adriatic Ichthyofauna

    Based on an updated and evidence-based checklist of Mediterranean Sea fishes, ichthyologists wrote a scientific paper presenting an analysis of biogeographic data of Adriatic fish species, their distribution by habitat, and data on conservation status. One of the authors is dr. sc. Jakov Dulčić, head of the Laboratory for Ichthyology and Coastal Fisheries of the […]

  • Science for Ukraine

    Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries has joined the “Science for Ukraine” initiative. The international scientific community on social networks, under the hashtag #ScienceForUkraine, has started collecting information on universities, scientific institutions, and other organizations within the system that can be helpful for Ukrainian students and researchers. The scienceforukraine.eu website offers an interactive map of the […]

  • SOUNDSCAPE – final meeting and conference

    The final meeting and conference of the SOUNDSCAPE project (Soundscapes in the North Adriatic Sea and their impact on Marine Biological Resources) will be held in Rijeka on November 23, 2021 from 9:00 to 17:30. The project is funded by the CBC Program INTERREG V / A Italy – Croatia. The project was coordinated by […]

  • CHANGE WE CARE – final conference

    On Thursday 11 November 2021, the final conference of the CHANGE WE CARE Project (Climate cHallenges on coAstal and traNsitional chanGing arEas: WEaving a Cross-Adriatic REsponse) will take place online at https://changewecare.evento-digitale.it/ to present the results obtained over the three years of activity. The CHANGE WE CARE Project, funded by the INTERREG VA Italy – […]

  • Monograph

    Evidence-based checklist of the Mediterranean Sea fishes. Monograph. Zootaxa, 4998: 1-115. Kovačić, M., Lipej, L., Dulčić, J., Iglesias, S. P., Goren, M. 2021. An updated and evidence-based checklist of Mediterranean Sea fishes is provided. Each of the fish species in the Mediterranean Sea listed here was either listed in the last published checklist of the […]

  • Atlas of Exotic Fishes in the Mediterranean Sea

    Recently, the second updated edition of the Atlas of Exotic Fishes in the Mediterranean Sea, published by CIESM Publishers, Paris, Monaco, was published. Experts participated in the preparation of this atlas: Dani Golani (Israel), Ernesto Azzurro (Italy), Jakov Dulčić (Croatia, Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split), Enric Massuti (Spain) and Lidia Orsi-Relini (Italy). The editor-in-chief […]


    The Final Conference and Stakeholder meeting of FAIRSEA project The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in cooperation with The Mediterranean Advisory Council and Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County is organizing three days event within the project FAIRSEA: The final Stakeholder meeting on 6-7 July where the outcomes of the […]

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