Laboratory for Benthos: About the lab

Our team is conducting research on benthic marine macroalgae (red, brown and green algae), marine flowering plants and various groups of marine invertebrates. We base our research on extensive field work and laboratory analysis. The topics of disquisition are diverse, from the fundamental biological and ecological research, to the applied research like monitoring marine environments. We have special interest in alien species recorded in the Adriatic Sea. In our research we often include all of the sea enthusiasts who help us in tracing the phenomenon and the spread of alien species. For this reason, our lab is actively involved in public presentations of actual topics in marine environments.

Our lab has been awarded with multiple international awards for the public presentations of science, for the development of web-pages and several documentary movies.

Our thematically organized, field-taken photographic database contains more than 123.0000 mostly high-quality underwater photographs, and over 40.000 photos captured using a light microscope.

More than 5.000 herbarium sheets collected from the 1930’s are digitalized and saved in our herbarium database.

Timelapse of the Caulerpa taxifolia development recorded in the Laboratory for Benthos.



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