Laboratory for Benthos: Articles

  • We are looking for the spotted sea hare!

    Spotted sea hare is a species of large herbivorous sea slug, scientifically named Aplysia dactylomela. Its native habitat are tropical and moderately warm seas, but not the Mediterranean. First record of the spotted sea hare was in 2002 in the area of Lampedusa, and up to today it has been found around the coasts of […]

  • Blitvenica and Jabuka

    Although marine biologist would say they are acquaint with Adriatic biodiversity, they get amazed from time to time. A few years ago, that is how we got astonished by the diversity we found near the previously not researched islet – Blitvenica. The surprise turned into thrill! Blitvenica is, with the islet of Jabuka and its […]

  • 1st Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project “Brown algal biodiversity and ecology in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea” supported by TOTAL FOUNDATION

    On March 23, the University of Athens hosted the launch meeting of the Steering Committee of a 4-year project, entitled “Brown algal biodiversity and ecology in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea”. Led by Christos Katsaros (University of Athens), Panayotis Panayiotidis (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research / HCMR, Anavyssos), Konstantinos Tsiamis (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research / […]

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