Laboratory of Fisheries Science and Management of Pelagic and Demersal Resources: Projects

  • Competition between native Ostrea edulis and invasive Crassostrea gigas oysters in the Adriatic Sea

    2017-2019 –  Unity trough knowledge fund (UKF) In the Adriatic Sea non-native invasive oyster Crassostrea gigas started to spread and presents a threat to the native European flat oyster Ostrea edulis. Pacific oyster C. gigas was introduced by aquaculture to Mediterranean Sea in the 1960s as a response to the decrease of O. edulis production caused by high mortalities due to parasitic […]

  • Sclerochronology

    2015-2019 Sclerochronology as a tool for detecting long-term Adriatic environmental changes, Croatian Science Fundation


    2015-2018 – Marine protected Areas Network Towards Sustainable fisheries in the Central Mediterranean; DG MARE

  • OPP (DCF)

    2013-2019 – DCF- Data Collection framework for purse seiners”; Ministry of Agriculture & EU

  • I-UWTV

    2009-sada – „UWTV Survey” Assessment of Norway Lobster population in Central Adriatic using underwater TV survey; FAO, RITMARE


    2005 – now – SOLEMON Stock assessment of Solea solea in the Central and Northern Adriatic Sea; FAO

  • AdriaMed

    2001-now – “AdriaMed- Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea”; FAO

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