Laboratory of Ichtyology and Coastal Fishery: About the lab

The laboratory of Ichthyology and Coastal fisheries conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of ichthyology and fisheries biology, fish ecology, coastal fisheries, management and protection of coastal resources as well as fishing gear and techniques. Research also includes investigations of the structure of coastal fish communities and their geographical distribution, ecology and the distribution of the early life history stages including ichthyoplankton. A special attention is given to the investigations of species of greater economic significance, the status of Ichthyofauna and monitoring of changes within the Ichthyo-communities caused by climate change and the ever increasing spread of alien species brought on by anthropogenic activity.

Lab activities also comprise an array of fishery related topics such as assessment of economically important coastal fish stocks, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the structure of catch and demographic structure of the most important fish stocks, the structure of bycatch and discards, investigations of selectivity and impact of small-scale fishing gears. Results achieved by the mentioned activities provide a groundwork for formulating of recommendations for sustainable fisheries.

Besides many scientific projects surrounding the aforesaid activities, our laboratory also implements fisheries and bio-ecological monitoring studies as well as being an active participant in various educational activities. The laboratory also maintains Institutes Ichthyology collection.

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