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Blitvenica and Jabuka

Although marine biologist would say they are acquaint with Adriatic biodiversity, they get amazed from time to time. A few years ago, that is how we got astonished by the diversity we found near the previously not researched islet – Blitvenica. The surprise turned into thrill!
Blitvenica is, with the islet of Jabuka and its shallows, hot-spot area for the biodiversity of marine algae. Several species growing there are found nowhere else, and the overall coverage and algae biomass cannot be compared with any area in the Adriatic littoral bed.
Everything points to the conclusion that there is an upwelling of a nutrient-rich bottom sea water layer, which affects the peculiar algae growth. The hypothesis is here, but the evidence is still being gathered!
Check the photos from Jabuka and Blitvenica! If you know about a such an area, let us know, shake us up!

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