The response of the microbial web to changes in the Adriatic Sea ecosystem

Project category: Institute of oceanography and fisheries
Main leader: dr sc Stefanija Šestanović

The microbial food web is an important route of carbon and energy flow in marine ecosystems. The interaction of members within this web determines the efficiency, quantity and the way of transfer of organic material and energy to higher trophic levels. Changes in the structure of the microbial web are a descriptor of natural and anthropogenic changes in the marine environment.
The realization of this project will enable us to determine the significance of the microbial community and the “microbial loop” in the flow of carbon and energy in various ecological conditions (especially along the trophic gradient) as well as the recognition of the response of the microbial community to changes in the environment.
This project represents a continuation of the research activities of the group of scientists from the Laboratory for microbiology, which through its many years of activity created well-equipped laboratories, worked on scientific teaming and training within the existing possibilities and is recognizable by its scientific problem, promoted through various activities of the Institute, and through joint publications in the international journals.

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