Project ARGOS

Project ARGOS -ShARed GOvernance of Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture activities as leverage to protect marine resources in the Adriatic Sea is co-financed by the Interreg Italy Croatia programme 2014-2020. The project started on 1st of April 2020 and will finish with its activities on 31st of December 2020.

Project is based on a wide scale partnership that includes 13 project partners from Italy and Croatia with the leading partner Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is based on the cooperation of Italian and Croatian regions/counties, regional development agencies, research institutions and it I supported by the two associated partners the Italian and Croatian ministries.

ARGOS will set up a common framework for governance where all Institutions competent for fisheries and aquaculture in the Programme area act as a whole in the management and protection of shared biological resources, under the best scientific guidance. Recommendations and final outputs come from results of multidisciplinary activities as

  • Maritime Spatial Planning studies
  • assessment of interactions between environmental management and socio-economic impacts,
  • standardisation of existing data on Adriatic biological resources,
  • running of bioeconomic models for stock assessments,
  • implementation of pilot actions and
  • definition of a cross border network to share project results and define the best practices for training operators towards environmental sustainability and the adoption of responsible practices in fisheries and aquaculture

Total project budget is: € 5.725.155,00, of which 85% is ERDF  € 4.866.381,75.

The Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries is a leader of Work Package which aim is to strengthen the knowledge-based decision-making process. Activities consist in a general harmonisation in the assessment of fisheries and aquaculture data in the Adriatic partnership area by the establishment of a common approach to fish stocks consistency eco-biological status of marine resources.

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