HF radar systems for surface currents measurement

HF radars analyse the respective radial components of the reflected signals and, by combining their radial components, produce vector maps (intensity and direction) of the currents. Final product of such process is hourly map of the surface currents (here stands for the average of the currents in the first 50-100 cm of water). These maps are normally produced hourly, but they can be produced every half hour on demand. The measurements are carried out using 25 MHz radars covering area of approximately 40*40 km (about 1300 km2) with spatial resolution of 2 km.

Measured data has been transmitted in real time through mobile network “VIP net Office box” to receiving centre in Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split. These data have been validated, processed, stored in database at the centre, and routinely presented in graphic forms at the project web pages.

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